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“ From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow ”
~ 14th century proverb
Ain Khalid
Al Khor

Why Acorn Nursery?

Acorn Nurseries is a group of premium British-managed, EYFS curriculum early learning centres in Qatar for children aged 2 months to 4 years of age.
We strive to be the best EYFS nursery in Qatar, operating to international standards and employing qualified staff with relevant UK experience. We have branches in the Ain Khalid area of Doha as well as Al Khor.
At the heart of our nursery school is a safe, clean, loving environment where children can feel valued and secure. Only then can they build the confidence to explore their environment, make new friends and constantly use their natural inquisitiveness to expand their skills and experiences.
Equally important is our structured, stimulating and supportive learning environment linked to a modern, well-planned curriculum. This keeps our children interested and engaged as they develop their knowledge and skills through hands-on, play-based learning.
If you are looking for a premium nursery for your child, which makes the most of the few short years available to you to make your child "school ready", we strongly encourage you to contact us and arrange a tour of the nursery. Do not make such an important decision without taking the time to visit us and experience the "Acorn difference" for yourself.


Our outstanding UK-qualified teachers supported by experienced, well trained teaching assistants are key to “the Acorn difference”. They ensure individual attention, a safe learning environment and stability of our teaching staff.


All rooms are amply resourced with high quality toys, furniture and equipment imported from Europe. An emphasis on wood and other natural materials creates warm and inviting learning spaces.


We closely follow the British EYFS curriculum, using structured play-based activities in line with the latest educational methods. Careful lesson planning ensures a focus on productive learning opportunities.

Our Approach

Play based

Young children learn through play, and as a nursery we completely embrace this. We work to create situations and learning environments to stimualte their natural curiosity and playfullness.


We encourage recycling, environmental awareness, junk-modelling, the use of wood / natural materials, and outdoor play. We believe something built by the children, for their own play, is a thousand purchased plastic equivalents.

Hands-on learning

Young children learn by getting hands-on and involved, stimulating all their senses. Expect your little ones to come home with stories of tasting new foods, gluing and sticking, paint on their clothes, and outdoor adventures - this is learning in action!


Learning in the early years is fuelled by curiosity. Each teaching day is carefully planned, but includes the flexibility to give children choices, adapt to their level of interest or any unexpected events which capture their imagination.

Learn more about our curriculum

Dates, timings & fees


We support working parents by operating 12 months of the year, closing only for statutory holidays and the occassional training day.


Working hours

We open at 7:00 a.m.. Teaching hours run from 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. daily, with children to be collected by 1:15 p.m. Options are available for an extended day.



We offer substantial discounts on tuition fees, if paying 3 or more months in advance. Net fees are in the range QR2,480 to QR3,700 per month.


Holiday camps

The teaching year is split in to 3 terms, in line with international schools in Qatar. Fun, activity-based camps are arranged for each of the holidays.

Part time

Most children attend 5 days per week, but 2-day and 3-day options are also available.


We welcome babies from 2 months old. Under Qatar law, all children have to leave nursery once they reach 4 years of age.

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Ain Khalid
Al Khor

Office hours are 07:00 to 14:30, Sunday to Thursday

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We feel so grateful to have a nursery like this in Alkhor. Loved everything about this nursery. Teachers are friendly, cooperative even the whole environment is so welcoming that every day my son wants to go to nursery. I can see a visible difference in his personality. Thank u Acorn nursery you all are doing great job.

Sarah Batool

My son has been at Acorn Nursery since he was 12 months old! The teachers and staff are incredibly attentive to detail and pay very close attention to the child’s behavior. It was so comforting for me to hear his teachers pointing out my son’s favorite activities, songs and books – it’s obvious they care and they are very present with the child.

Afaf Acafrao

So happy that they opened a proper EYFS nursery in Al Khor. The teachers and staff are caring and qualified, while the nursery itself is safe and equipped with great resources. My son always looks forward to going to school and I couldn’t be happier.

Janine L

Love this school for my son. He comes home every day with a big smile and lots of stories of what he's done that day. Brilliant teachers who pay individual attention to each child. Highly recommended.

Cheryl Taylor

Thank you Acorn nursery for being a second home to Zeina. She has learnt so much academically, intellectually, socially and physically. Her teachers were amazing and treated every child as their own. I loved the nursery’s attention to details, care for each child and personalized care while being fun, educational and sustainable.

Riham Baddoura

Very friendly and lovely teachers and they keep you informed with your child learning process and development. My two boys really enjoy going to school every day. Thank you Acorn Team.

OJ Bainbridge