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Application Process

Fill out a brief form to arrange a guided tour of our nursery

Download our Application Form and complete offline

We have an open admissions policy, meaning you can apply for your child to join us at any time of year. As a nursery school we are not tied to academic years in quite the same way as schools, so children can start with us and/or leave at any time of year.
The nursery remains open 12 months of the year, so is supportive of working parents (there are limited exceptions, as we are rquired to close for Eid's and other statutory holidays). However, the majority of students start in September and leave in June to be broadly in line with their siblings attending international schools in Qatar.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions is open to all nationalities, for children from 2 months to 4 years old. Teaching is in English, but we do not require any proficiency in this language at the time of admission.
Please note that Qatari regulations require that students and parents hold a valid Qatar ID, and they forbid all nurseries from accepting children who are over 4 years of age. These regulations are strictly enforced by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Book Your Tour

As a first step, you are encouraged to visit the nursery to meet the Manager, have a guided tour of our facilities and discuss your particular needs and concerns. Click here to book your tour or call your preferred branch during office hours (7.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., Sunday to Thursday).

Submit an Application

Before starting a child at the nursery, you will be required to pay the fees, (see here for fee details, submit a signed Application Form, and provide the following documentation:

My First Day - what should I expect?

The first day is a big day, both for mother and child - tears are not uncommon! However, please try to relax - we have done this many times. Children are quick to feed off your mood and, if they sense you are stressed, they will be upset.
Refer to our “All About Me Form” which lists the items to bring with you. The form also tells the teacher a little bit about your child, which is very useful in the first few days, so if you have not already submitted one to the office, please bring a completed copy with you on the first day.
We are relaxed about the start time, so it can be varied to suit your family requirements. If possible, we recommend you come early on the first day (we receive children from 7 a.m. onwards) as the teacher will have fewer children in class at this time so has more time to spend with you. Do ensure in advance that the office knows what time to expect you so the staff are prepared.
All children are different, so it is impossible to predict how long your little one will take to settle in. However, they generally settle more quickly once you have left. Your class teacher will work with you on this, using her considerable past experience of these situations, so we achieve the best outcome for all.