outdoor play area


"All we do is play"

Your children will be quick to tell you that all they do is play.

The reality is that there is a rigorous curriculum in place, they are just not aware of it! Their play is being carefully monitored, guided and encouraged to ensure they gain the maximum learning opportunities and are constantly being exposed to new experiences that will keep the interested, challenged and engaged.

We do not use ipads, television or other screen-time, and they spend very little time sitting at desks.

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EYFS Curriculum

Acorn closely follows the EYFS curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage) from the UK.

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Reggio Approach

Reggio teaching styles encourage open-ended learning opportunities, student input into their ...

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Eco nursery

Eco-nursery in Doha, with wooden furniture and natural materials throughout. Re-cycled and ...

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Learning Through Play

Play is guided by the teachers to create individualised learning opportunities, while encouraging ...

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Loose parts

Loose parts is a valuable learning tool in the early years, inspiring creativity, early maths ...