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Eco nursery

More natural and recycled materials. Less plastic and waste.

Natural Materials

We use quality wooden furniture, toys and equipments wherever practical. These are more durable, sustainable and healthy.

This contributes to a more natural environment, where the warm, tactile textures of real timber are far more inviting and stimulating than brightly coloured plastics.

Natural Environment

Temperatures permitting, children spend a significant part of each day learning and playing outside in the fresh air.

The outside areas are used as an extension of the classroom, and are a natural teaching environment. They are designed to create learning opportunities, and are split in to different activity areas.

Our gardens include a dedicated planting area for the children. Under staff supervision, they are encouraged to plant, care for, and pick flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables. A highlight of their day is the opportunity to harvest, prepare and taste something they have grown themselves.

Recycled / Repurposed Equipment

Not everything has to be shiny and new!

For example, children delight in junk modelling. Some scissors, glue and paint can turn a cardboard box in to all-manner of make believe. It is an opportunity for children to become fully immersed in a team project, spread over several days, to create a design from their own imagination.

We also use re-purposed materials to create features for the children. In our outdoor areas, you will find palettes re-purposed in to cars, a footbridge, planters and a water-wheel. In the classrooms, you find industrial spools re-purposed in to tables; obsolete phones and electronics used as toys; and much more.


nan pwint khine
Apr 13, 2021
Both of my sons love going to the nursery everyday and they really enjoyed all singing, dancing and playing activities. All the teachers are very friendly and they focused on each kids as individual depends on the kid's personality. Spacious playing area and fun splash time. It is just more than a nursery, It is a group of nice people and great community.
Shoaib Faruqi
Aug 10, 2020
We sent both our boys to this nursery. The boys loved it at Acorn, it was truly a home setting. We highly recommend!