Review our most frequently asked questions
Last updated: 30 Jun 2020


How old does my child have to be to go on the Waiting List?

Children can be entered on the Waiting List at any age, and any time of year, by submitting a completed Application Form.

At what age do you take children?

Children are eligible to attend from the ages of 2 months until they turn 5 years old.

What type of curriculum do you provide?

We use an enquiry based learning approach based on the British EYFS curriculum. Children learn through directed play. They are encouraged to create, explore and experiment, with the aim of making friends, gaining confidence, building independence and improving their communication skills.
Typical activities might include:

What are your operating hours?

Our normal drop-off time is 7:00 to 7:30 a.m.. Our normal pick-up time is 1:00 p.m.. All staff are busy from 1:30 p.m. preparing their rooms for the next day - any children not collected by this time will be charged for babysitting outside school operating hours. More details are available from Reception.


What are the fees?

See our fees page for more details. Note that substantial discounts are available if payment is made for several months at a time.

How do I pay?

Fees are payable at the start of each calendar month. They can be paid in person to the Receptionist by cash, cheque, NAPS or credit card. Alternatively, they can be paid by direct transfer to our account (see Fee Schedule for account details) - please be sure to include your child's full name on the transfer so we can credit it to your account.

Do I get a refund for holidays or sickness?

The nursery is closed for July and August, so no fees are payable then unless you opt to enrol in the Summer Programme.
We are open almost continuously for the rest of the year, closing for statutory holidays (Eids, National Day) and a small number of occasional days. There is no refund or discount off the monthly fee for these closures.
Fees are non-refundable. There will be no adjustment of the monthly fee where your child is absent for short periods or you choose to take a holiday. You will understand that our cost structure (rents, salaries etc) is fixed whether you attend or not, so we are unable to accommodate any such requests.

What do I need to do if removing my child from the nursery?

Please notify us in writing if you plan, for whatever reason, to withdraw your child from the nursery. We understand that sudden changes in people's employment or other unexpected changes in circumstances can mean little notice is possible however, the more advance notice you can give us the better! This ensures that the transition can be managed smoothly and in every ones interest. It is important your child has time to adjust to the coming change and say goodbye properly to his/her friends and teachers. Similarly, it gives the next child on the Waiting List time to work up to the next big transition in their life.


What does my child need to bring each day?

Each child has their own storage area at the nursery that parents are responsible for keeping stocked with spare clothes, nappies (if required) and baby formula (if required). A box containing snacks and lunch for the child should be put into the storage area by the parents each morning. When collecting the child, parents can pick-up the lunch box, any messages home, any soiled clothing etc from the same area.

What happens if my child is sick at nursery?

We will contact you (or one of the other nominated contact persons) and you will need to collect your child. Please ensure your contact records remain updated to avoid difficulties in this regard.

What if I need to meet with my child’s teacher?

Daily communication about your child can occur through notes left in your storage area at the nursery, emails and informal discussions at drop off and pick up time. If you wish to speak about something in more detail please arrange an appointment with your teacher.

How long should I stay in the morning?

Settling your child at a new nursery can be stressful and upsetting. If your child is upset, it can help if you develop a goodbye ritual. If your child is settled then leave promptly, otherwise agree to stay and do one activity and then say goodbye. When you say goodbye it’s important that you leave, even if your child appears upset - the teacher will involve them in an an activity and they will quickly settle in your absence. You are welcome to chat with other parents in the front garden once you have left as otherwise the rooms can get very crowded and noisy.

What time should I pick my child up?

The last half hour of the day is the ideal time to collect your child, although we will be flexible to accommodate the needs of parents who wish to collect earlier. Please ensure you sign them out and check your storage box to collect the empty lunch box and any letters or dirty clothing - this is an ideal time to check whether any of their other personal supplies (such as nappies or spare clothing) need replenishing.
Your cooperation in avoiding late pick up will be greatly appreciated


How do I address concerns?

It is important you alert your teacher to any concerns you might have regarding your child's time in the nursery and their physical and emotional wellbeing. If you feel your concerns are not being adequately addressed, then you are invited to take the matter up with the Centre Director who will follow up the issue in person and respond back to you.

Do I need to let the nursery know if my child will be absent?

Yes. For planned absences (such as holidays), please notify the nursery in advance with a quick email, note or phone call to the Receptionist. For unplanned absences (such as illness), please please let us know in what way your child is unwell so we can keep an eye on contagious illnesses to safeguard all children.


What do I have to do if I need someone else to pick my child up?

You need to make sure that you have listed the person on the Application Form (see "Others authorised to collect your child / emergency contacts" under Section 3). If you wish to update this information, please speak with the Receptionist. Please advise the person collecting your child that they may be asked to provide ID.

What do I do if my child is sick?

For unplanned absences such as illness, please let the nursery know that your child will be absent. On returning to nursery, please give the teacher details of what the problem has been so that staff can keep an eye on your child as well as safeguarding others from contagious illnesses.