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We expect to re-open for Summer Camp 2020 in August. The 2020 - 2021 Academic Year will then commence on 30 August 2020.More
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Summer Camp 2020
Summer Camp 2020 starts in August (subject to final approvals from the authorities) with fun activities for children aged 2 months to 4 years. Prepare your children for the start of the new academic year by re-introducing them to school routines and the new normal.More
corona virus
The nursery is temporarily closed due to the virus pandemic. We plan to re-open in August 2020 for Summer Camp. The exact re-opening date is awaiting Ministry approvals.More
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5 Step Guide to Choosing a Preschool
There is a lot to consider when choosing a preschool, with an overwhelming choice of curriculums, facilities, fees, working hours and much more. Use this simple 5-Step Guide to identify what is important to you, draw up a shortlist of potential nurseries, and provide the targetted questions to ask so you can make an informed choice. Learn how to recognise good teaching practice and spot value for moneyMore
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Toilet training
Parents' practical guide to toilet training your child.More
Review our most frequently asked questionsMore