classroom layout


Wonderful single story building provides excellent facilities - indoors and out.

We are fortunate to have spacious outdoor play areas, bright and welcoming classrooms, and a large indoor activity area.

Outdoor Areas

Our garden areas are green and inviting, with plenty of natural vegetation, grass and shade.

Careful planning by the teachers ensures different zones within the outdoor areas are constantly being redesigned, updated and refreshed. This keeps the areas interesting and stimulating for the children, and incorporates different themes from their areas of study.

At different times throughout the year you can expect to find construction games, water play, mud kitchen, sensory garden, den building, dinosaur area, children's vegetable patch, driving/cycling areas and much more.

The outdoor playground areas are used as an extension of the classrooms: in the milder weather children spend a significant amount of their time outside.


In all our classrooms you will find:

  • A clean, safe, welcoming environment with plenty of natural light.
  • Age-appropriate furniture of international quality, with a strong emphasis on wood and other natural materials.
  • Easy access to outdoor play areas, as this forms a key element of our education programme.
  • Toys, activities and themes that are changed frequently, so the environment is constantly evolving and remains stimulating and challenging for our children.
  • Resources displayed at child-height, so they can access them themselves and learn the importance of choice, sharing and tidying up.
  • Frequently refreshed displays of the children's own work. We celebrate their achievements by showcasing their work in all its messy glory! This inspires them to develop further ,while sharing progress with parents.

Indoor Activity Area

"The Shed" is a wonderful resource, especially during the hot summer months when we can make limited use of the playgrounds.

The 200 sq.m. of air conditioned space is used for all manner of children's activities. It is constantly being updated and refreshed by the teachers, to keep it exciting and relevant to the curriculum. At any one time, it will typically contain 3 or 4 different activity areas such as:

  • arts and crafts
  • construction / blocks / cars
  • dress-up areas
  • sand and water play
  • woodwork area
  • physical activities
  • music and movement
  • story time

A section of The Shed is used as a dining area, where the children sit together as a class group for their meals and snacks. This is an opportunity for children to learn valuable skills, including:

  • washing hands, before and after eating
  • deciding what they want to eat (and communicating this with the staff)
  • feeding themselves
  • socialising with the children around them
  • tidying up afterwards