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Why Choose Us?

The reasons Acorn is the right choice

Choosing a nursery school is hard!

The quantity and quality of information available varies from place to place, making direct comparisons difficult. At the end of the day, the "right" choice depends upon your own personal priorities, first impressions of the environment and the quality of the staff, and of course word-of-mouth.

Top 7 reasons to pick Acorn Nursery

Choose us if you value the factors below, which make us stand out from the crowd:


Wonderful Teachers

Our experienced teachers are qualified to UK standards, and led by a Manager with many years of teaching experience, in England, Qatar and internationally.


Spacious Facilities

Our facilities are second to none: light and airy classrooms, outdoor areas filled natural greenery, and a 200 sq.m. indoor air-conditioned activity area.



If you prefer less plastic, more natural wood, and no electronics / screen time for your child, then come and see us!


Confidence & Independence

We are not a baby-sitting or child-minding service. Expect your little one to be challenged, developing their confidence and independence through a stimulating, hands-on learning environment.


Develop their Curiosity

Our curriculum is all about guiding and developing the natural curiosity of our students. No rote learning or endless worksheets. Instead, expect open-ended activities that spark the interest and creativity of the children.


Clean & Safe

We operate to international standards of cleanliness, safety and security. This includes rigorous Covid-19 precautions during the current pandemic.


Year-round Working

We are open all year, to support working parents.


Cláudia de Paula
Oct 20, 2020
My daughter just join the nursery this year. They were extremely supportive and kind. The transition was so so easy. One of the many reasons that choose the nursery it is the outstanding outside area and they play/learning approach. Truly truly recommend it!
Jacqueline Mundia
Aug 11, 2020
Acorn Nursery was the best decision we ever made for our son's first school experience. Clean, organised, warmly, great teachers and staff. We enjoyed the interactions in our kid's learning and my son was always looking forward to going to school. Best nursery school i would recommend in Doha.
Maha El Torky
Jul 6, 2020
The nursery more than professional, very friendly ,helpful & amazing atmosphere, I recommend this nursery to everyone. I was living in AlGharafa and everyday I dropped my daughter to Ain Khalid because of this amazing nursery , Hood luck to everyone , my daughter also applied in Doha college and she was super amazing in the interview because of the effort of Mrs Tina ❤️❤️