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Safety and Security

The safety, security and well-being of our students is paramount

Covid-19 Precautions

Cleanliness in the nursery is always a priority, and we have staff and systems in place to ensure this happens reliably and efficiently.

During these extraordinary times we have taken additional measures, such as:

  • All staff in the nursery are fully vaccinated against coronavirus
  • Staff wear face masks at all times while in the nursery
  • Full-time cleaning staff are sanitising surfaces throughout the day
  • Children are encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands at frequent intervals
  • Resources and equipment are regularly sanitised
  • A professionally disinfecting contractor carries out periodic deep cleaning, when the nursery is closed for the weekend
  • Access to the buildings is restricted to staff and students only
  • Students returning from overseas are asked to provide proof of a negative RAT test


Access on and off the premises is carefully monitored and controlled. The grounds are enclosed with a high wall, and a self-closing pedestrian gate. Children are only allowed to go home with those authorised to collect them, notified on the signed Consent Form completed during the application process.

Access to the children's areas is further restricted by self-closing child-proof gates. This ensures the children are kept well clear of the main entrance gates, for their own safety.

The playground and classrooms are monitored by closed-circuit cameras (CCTV). The recordings are stored electronically for several days, in case they are needed to review an incident. We do not live stream these recordings to parents across the internet, as we believe this is a dangerous security risk and potential breach of privacy.


Parents are requested to keep any unwell children at home, for their own comfort and to prevent cross-infection. If your child becomes unwell during the day you will be notified to come and collect, and the nurse will take care of him/her until you arrive.

In the unlikely event of an accident during the school day, we have a qualified nurse on-site full-time. In addition, most staff are holders of emergency first-aid certificates.

Parents are notified immediately by telephone of any significant incidents: for minor bumps and scrapes, we discuss these in person at collection time. A careful log is kept of all incidents, so they can be reviewed and prevention measures put in place.

The nurse is your primary resource if you have any medical information or concerns to relay to us. She is supported by a visiting doctor, who assesses every child (subject to parental consent) once per month.

Fire Safety

The buildings are fitted with an alarm system, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting. This is professionally maintained, tested at least every quarter, and approved by Civil Defence.

All classrooms have direct access to the outdoor play areas, and an evacuation drill is carried out every month. In the event of a fire, the grounds are large enough to contain the children clear of the buildings, but safely away from the external roads and any emergency responders.