Timings & Calendar

Open all year - ideal for working parents


We are open 12 months of the year, for the convenience of our working parents. The nursery only closes for the statutory holidays (such as the Eid holidays and National Day) and the New Year.

The year is divided in to three terms, broadly following the Doha international schools. We then run holiday camps while the international schools are closed.

Timings of Start and End of Day

Children arrive between 7:00am to 7:30am., with the teaching day running from 7.30 until 1.00pm.

Children are available for collection from their classroom from 1:00pm each day. At 1:15pm, any children still awaiting collection are moved from their classroom to a central supervised location so that the classroom can be prepared for the start of the following day.

Additional out of hours care is available by prior arrangement. “Early Drop-off” is from 6:30am while “Late Pick-up” extends the day to 4:00pm. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for details of the extra charges that apply.

During holiday camps, the nursery starts one hour later.

Daily Routines

The nursery day does not run according to a strict timetable. At such a young age, this is not appropriate.

Each day is planned in advance by the teacher, including the activities, resources and approximate timings. However, how it plays out in practice depends upon how engaged and excited the children are by each of the activities: these are then extended or contracted, as required.

For the babies, we try to work around the daily routines of snack and sleep times advised to us by the parents.

For the older children, the day will typically include circle time, some outdoor activities (weather permitting), a snack, some focussed activities in the class, a sit-down lunch, and an end-of-day wind down period (story time, singing or similar).