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Jenn Kaaoush
Jul 20, 2021
Acorn Nursery was our favorite part of our three year stay in Doha. They created the most wonderful learning experience for our daughter in her 2-4 year old years. Not only did they cover the basics of learning but they managed to also incorporate a love of learning, imaginative play and relationship strength building too. We have been out of the school for almost five months and our daughter still sings the songs, re-enacts the activities and asks about her teachers and friends. It is sincerely a magical place and we love each and every one of the team. A special need for us was medical support for our daughter's asthma. They had a nurse on site daily who also became a huge part of our feelings of comfort and trust in the nursery environment. We also really loved some of the big parent days throughout the year. While not mandatory, it was so much fun to be able to stop in the celebrate all the kids in their learning of things like Super Hero Day and a real live (pretend) alien family visit. Highly recommend. Acorn is a magical place and the entire team are pure angels (including Mr. Alex who's building skills makes the unimaginable a real treat for the kids). We miss it so much.
Inga Haertel
Aug 16, 2020
I am very happy with this excellent nursery and would definitely recommend it. My older son loved Acorn and so does the younger one now. The staff is caring and professional, the facilities excellent, the management genuinely interested in the children’s wellbeing. Being a teacher myself, I am quite critical when it comes to educational provisions, However, at Acorns’ there was hardly ever anything negative to notice. I found the nursery to be one of the few places in Doha, where all the employees (including the security and the cleaning lady) have an understanding of the science behind early years education and contribute to the provision of enabling learning environments. Concepts are thought through play, complimented with engaging, creative activities. (My younger one still talks about the stranded aliens in the nurseries backyard:-)) The provided learning materials/toys have a very high quality and are used in creative, age appropriate ways. We are really looking forward towards another year full of laughter, excitement and learning at this wonderful place. Thank you Acorn!