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First day at nursery

Some pointers on what to bring and what to expect in the first few days

We realise starting at a new nursery school can be a daunting prospect - especially for the parents!

Hopefully the pointers below will help to put your mind at ease. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us to discuss.


The nursery is open for the arrival of children from 7:00am to 7:30am. The teaching day is from 7.30 to 1.00pm. If you wish to arrive later during the first few days, to avoid the morning rush, that is fine. Please let us know when we can expect you.

On arrival, you will first meet with the Manager. She will help settle-in your little one, and ensure you are both introduced to the class teacher.

If you have not already submitted it, please bring a completed All About Me form - this is used by the class teacher to quickly understand your child's likes, dislikes, and routines.

What to bring

Children should bring the following to the nursery each day:

  • Lunch box and water bottle (see below)
  • Spare clothing (2 sets). The children enjoy some form of messy activity most days, such as painting, gluing, sand play and water play. It is advisable not to send your children in in their ‘best’ clothes.
  • Sun hat and sun cream
  • Nappies or pull-ups, and cream (if used)
  • Wet wipes / cotton wool
  • Bedding, if a sleep is needed. We suggest a small sheet, cover and pillow for your child. This will be sent home weekly for laundering.

Please label all belongings, and send them in a small bag. Every child has a storage box to keep their belongings, and it is important their bag fits within this space.


For babies, we try to the routines you have in place at home so please advise us on your preferences regarding sleeping and eating.

Other children should bring a lunch box with one breakfast-type snack, one lunch-type snack, and some cutlery. We encourage healthy, nutritious and age appropriate food and drinks for snack times. The nursery will also supply and water, which we encourage the children to drink. Please send in a labelled water bottle each day.

We do not reheat food – please send hot food in an insulated container, if required.

Note that the following items are not permitted:

  • chocolate and sweets
  • carbonated soft drinks (such as Pepsi)
  • crisps
  • nuts

Daytime updates

We realise the first few days at nursery are a challenge for many parents. The Manager is happy to provide updates by phone and text for the first few days, to reassure you how your child is settling in to the new environment.


Our normal procedure is that children are available for collection from their classroom from 1:00pm each day. At 1:15pm, any children still awaiting collection are moved from their classroom to a central supervised location so that the classroom can be prepared for the start of the following day.

During the settling in period, you are welcome to collect your child early. Please let us know, so we can expect you.