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Summer Camp 2021

APR 29, 2021

Summer Camp 2021 starts on 4 July (subject to final approvals from the authorities) with fun activities for children aged 2 months to 4 years. Prepare your children for the start of the new academic year by re-introducing them to school routines after a year that has been severely fragmented and disrupted by covid restrictions.

After a year disrupted by lockdowns, remote learning and nursery school closures, life in Doha is slowly returning to normal. Now is the ideal time to get your children out of the house and back in to normal school routines, where they can have some fun and re-discover the joys of socialising with children their own age.

An Acorn Nursery Summer Camp is an excellent opportunity to re-introduce your children to school life, in preparation for the start of school in August.

Summer Camp details

Summer Camp runs daily (Sunday to Thursday) from 4 July until 26 August (we will close the week commencing 18 July for the Eid Holiday). It is then followed by the new academic year which, for Acorn Nursery, commences on Sunday 29 August.

Camp is a time of informal, play-based activities where children will be re-introduced to nursery routines after the long absences and disruptions enforced by the Covid-19 crisis. It is a vital opportunity for them to re-connect with friends and staff while re-gaining their confidence in being out of the home and away from family.

Sign up for Summer Camp 2021 today so your child can enjoy a relaxed return to education, catch up with friends their own age, and prepare themselves for the new academic year.


Summer Camp is open to all children from 2 months to 4 years of age, including those who are not registered to attend Acorn Nursery long term.

Camp fees are QR200 per day or QR900 per week for a normal working day.

We will attempt to accommodate any requirements you might have for early drop-off or late pick-up, but this will be an additional charge. We suggest you contact us to discuss your requirements.

School Readiness

The new academic year for most international schools and nurseries in Qatar starts in late August. Whether your child is leaving home for the first time, returning to nursery, or about to start school for the first time - time is short!

The best you can do to prepare your little one for school (or nursery) is to ensure they:

  • separate confidently from their parents
  • can negotiate with other children over sharing toys and taking turns
  • can follow simple instructions
  • have an interest in new experiences and the world around them

Summer Camp is an ideal environment for your children to learn (or re-learn) their school readiness skills, given the small class sizes, fun environment and the added individual attention that is possible in this environment.